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We make sustainable copper for a NETZERO economy
Green metals for a NETZERO economy
Clean refining of metals

The Future of Copper

Biocopper technology leaches sulfur mineral concentrates into a new heap-type reactor, obtaining refined 99,999 % metal cathodes, avoiding CO2 and hazardous environmental emissions.

Copper is essential for the technologies needed to challenge a NetZero economy, electromobility, batteries, energy storage, renewables energy generation, and industrial processes electrification deeply depend on clean refined copper and other base metals Zn, Co, Ni, and Li.

Refined Copper demand will increase by 2X by 2050, using today’s overseas pyrometallurgical-based refining technologies this demand gap will be at the expense of the global climate, going from a carbon footprint of 120 MMT/year to 240 MMT/year.

Biocopper Technology refines mineral concentrates cleanly, producing low-emission copper cathodes. We use Biotechnology to transform the refining of mining metals into a Carbon Capture industry. Biocopper® tech can directly capture 0.19 T CO2 eq / T Cu. We process locally mineral concentrates at Cu 99.999%, avoiding transporting unusable elements. It is in a TRL8-9 development state and has produced more than 70 Tons of copper cathodes.

With the development of clean energy and the decrease in energy costs, the OPEX of Biocobre Technology is competitive with current national and international smelters and refineries.

We supply refined metals low emissions.

Using Biocopper® Technology we process concentrates of sulfide minerals (Cu, Ni, Zn, Co), in Heap reactors, and electro-refine the charged solutions generated by SX-EW.

Sus beneficios son:

Produce locally low-emission copper cathodes.

Make use of the installed capacities of SX-EW hydrometallurgical plants.

Decrease CAPEX and OPEX of sulfur mineral concentrate refining.

Decrease the carbon footprint of metal refining and promote CO2 capture.

Enables the processing of complex concentrates to be treated by Smelters, or of lower laws.

It allows the reusing of plastic waste promoting the circular economy.

Some outstanding features of Biocopper technology are:

It allows the clean process of flotation sulfide concentrates with impurities (arsenic, cadmium, and others).
Lower environmental impact than alternative smelting and refining.
It generates copper-laden solutions to feed SX-EW plants directly.
It allows for to develop of circular economy action plans for plastic waste.
It operates under ambient conditions of temperature and pressure.
It generates acid solutions to be reused in leaching.
Flexible technology to operate different leaching media.
Allows recovery of by-products (Au, Ag, Mo).
It allows its operation with different configurations of reactors.
It allows the use or use of conventional SX-EW installations.

Environmental Benefits

Biocopper tech® has significant advantages compared to treatment in Smelters.

DOES NOT generate SOX, PM 10, 2,5: arsenic, heavy metals, and slag handling reduction.

Avoids the emission of GHGs associated with concentrates' shipping/land transport.

Low operational and safety risk.

Plastic circular economy.

Biocobre® technology support matrices

We use recycled waste as an agglomeration matrix for concentrates for processing in stack reactors.


Green metals for a NETZERO economy

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